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Pudong is far away from the city center and has a lot of green, so there are more landscapes in the design. Many corners can see the garden.
As the first phase of Pudong Airport that can receive 70 million passengers each year in the future, the roof of Terminal 1 looks like spread wings, and the large vaulted beam vault allows soft light to penetrate the blue roof. The rod pulls down to form the effect of light falling, which has a foggy feel.
Pudong International Airport was completed and put into operation in 1999, with a total investment of more than 13 billion yuan in the first phase of the project. As the design work of Andrew, the design of Pudong International Airport is also very common and full of characteristics. A large area of green space and a turbulent pool of blue water highlight the light and translucent terminal building, like a flying seagull, symbolizing the take-off of Shanghai Airlines.