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Description:░中国航空工业昌飞隶属中国航空工业集团公司, 始建于 1969 年,是我国直升机科研生产基地和航空工业骨干企业, 具备研制和批量生产多品种░,本文发布时间:2020-05-12,关于【中航昌河飞机工业集团公司】的文章内容即将呈现,预计花费您7秒时间

中国航空工业昌飞隶属中国航空工业集团公司, 始建于 1969 年,是我国直升机科研生产基地和航空工业骨干企业, 具备研制和批量生产多品种、多系列、多型号直升机和航空零部件生产的能力。公司秉承“航空报国,强军富民”宗旨,践行“敬业诚信、创新超越”理念,深入推进“执行第一、表单办事、问题透明、日清日毕、数据说话、持续改善”的员工岗位行为准则,全力推行综合平衡计分卡、AOS等现代管理方式,自主开发昌飞制作系统CPS,着力推进直升机产业转型升级,努力打造技术先进、效益优良、持续发展、客户满意、员工幸福快乐的现代一流航空企业,朝着“精益昌飞、创新昌飞、和谐昌飞、幸福昌飞”的企业愿景坚实迈进

China Aviation Industry Changfei is affiliated to China Aviation Industry Corporation. Founded in 1969, it is a research and production base for helicopters in China and a key enterprise in the aviation industry. ability. Adhering to the tenet of "Serving the Country with Air, Strengthening the Army and Enriching the People", the company practices the concept of "dedication and integrity, innovation and surpassing", and further promotes the employee positions of "execution first, form handling, transparent issues, daily clearing, daily data, speaking, continuous improvement". Code of conduct, fully implement modern management methods such as integrated balanced scorecard, AOS, independently develop Changfei production system CPS, focus on promoting the transformation and upgrading of the helicopter industry, and strive to create advanced technology, excellent benefits, sustainable development, customer satisfaction, and employee happiness A modern first-class aviation company, making a solid move towards the corporate vision of "Lean Changfei, Innovation Changfei, Harmony Changfei, Happiness Changfei"